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Roughly 35% of all websites were built with WordPress.

When your website needs more functionality than the basics, you might need a partial or complete custom web development solution. Some examples of custom solutions are food delivery, GPS Tracking, booking features and more.


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We support our clients’ online presence and expertly implement marketing strategies. We believe in the power of custom web development and center all our interactive services around it. We are the answer for both the individual needs of clients as well as complete projects – from idea to execution. We help you gain a competitive advantage, significantly improve the visibility of your brand online and attract new clients.
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Tech Integrations

Many websites need to talk to other types of technologies. That could be a CRM, ERP, 3rd party API, booking system, job board, shipping gateways, or other software that needs to integrate with your website. It’s essential to understand how to add these services correctly. Incorrectly implementing these solutions leads to unreliable customer experience, we can help.

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Feature Development

Some websites contain features that are more interactive and complex than a simple website. Whether it’s a location finder, custom e-commerce, surveys, data-driven functionality, customer portals, or custom dashboards, our talented custom web development and user experience team will help you avoid common pitfalls and create the best implementation of your ideas.

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Web Applications

Web applications are more robust than marketing websites. They require extra experience to complete successfully, and picking the wrong partner is expensive and ineffective. Our team has worked tirelessly to become experts at web development, API & database design, security and scalability. We provide solutions for complicated data-driven software.

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Working Solutions

The solutions that we create can evolve to solve real-world problems. Instead of a website just for show, we provide you with an all rounded package that you use to reach your business objectives.

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Tried and Tested

We’ve built 100’s of websites over more than a decade. The experience we’ve gained working with large brands and high traffic sites means that your business can benefit from best practices and strong technology capabilities.

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Utmost Security

Having worked with both corporate clients as well as startups, we are proud to say that our SOPs and practices for website security are impenetrable. Till date, we have protected the information and data of thousands of employees. We follow the best practices to keep your business safe.

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Send us your brief

Need some help? Give us a brief idea of what you need and we will get in touch soon.

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Creative & Responsive Design

100% Local & Singaporean

Our Process


At the start of the project, we perform an audit that provides an insights that align a digital strategy with a seamless user experience. We use the best practices to recommend design and technology solutions that communicate, engage, and perform over time.

Digital Strategy

Each project includes a multi-hour strategic working session to ensure that our teams are aligned and there is an understanding of what you want and need.

Agile Development

For custom web development applications, most of the time is spent in the development phase. We keep product backlogs groomed, sprints planned, and provide in-sprint QA to harden the product as we go. The goal is simple, collaborate, deliver quality, and plan for the future.

Project Management

Your dedicated project manager ensures that the progress is tracked. We update you on a regular basis to provide you with reviews, and key information about the state of your project. More than service provider, we are your partners.

Frequently Asked Question

Which cloud environments do you support?

Most of the work we do either uses the Amazon AWS cloud or Google Cloud. Both environments are used for different reasons and sometimes in conjunction with each other. For standard web hosting and database services, Google Cloud is our goto choice. When an application requires mobile authentication or push notifications, we will bring in Firebase to handle the job.

Do you also build completely custom web development applications?
Of course, building new web-based software is what we do. Wickadvisor has used agile software development methods for well over a decade, and one of our values is to be a creative craftsman. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that they have the skills and experience to build custom web development applications from the ground up.

What are some typical integrations you perform?

This can be a long list because it really depends on the needs of our clients. Wickadvisor has extensive experience with integrating with all types of data on our custom web development projects. APIs, data files, logs, XML web services (SOAP), you name it. The most common integrations we see are:
  • Marketing Automation / Lead Generation
  • Job Boards
  • ERP / CRM
  • Appointment Booking Feature
  • 3rd Party Custom Application

I’ve had problems with other web developers, how are you different?

We’ve heard this A LOT and we have you back. We’ve invested in training, project management, and our team to providethe best experience possible. We provide schedules upfront and stick tothem. A general rule of thumb is that if you stick to the schedule, youstick to the budget. That means our process needs to be tight andquality needs to be high in order to deliver on this promise.

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