Up to 5 times more sales with these eCommerce tools.

Increase sales volume and cart value of your customers by utilizing powerful cross-selling and up-selling eCommerce tools. Gain the ability to recommend other relevant products and give your customers the extra nudge to buy more from your store.

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“Frequently Bought Together”

eCommerce Tool

More well known for its use on Amazon, this clever feature boosts the likelihood of your customers purchasing more products, thus boosting revenue.

Key benefits:

Uses social proof to increase order value.

Allow customers to add multiple related products to the cart at once.

Gain trust and boost buyers’ confidence by showing that you have existing customer trends.

“Customers Also Bought” eCommerce Tool

Once a product is added to the cart, you can display a modal pop-up with cart information and up to 3 items to cross-sell.

This type of cross-sell offer can be easily added to their order from within the modal pop-up with a single click.

Not only does this technique work to make your store more intelligent, it also gives your customers an idea of other products that might be useful to them.

Key benefits:

Uses product recommendations to increase customers’ order value.

Encourages additional purchases after the customer has already shown intent to buy.

Reveals similar products which your customers might have missed.

Order Bump at Checkout eCommerce Tool

You’ll also be able to increase your WooCommerce store’s revenue by displaying one-time offers on your checkout form.

Your customers can add the offer to their purchase without ever leaving the order form.

By choosing an offer or discount on the checkout page that matches the products in the cart, you’ll create an offer that’s impossible to say no to.

Key benefits:

Add a high-converting order bump at checkout to instantly increase order values in your WooCommerce store.

You can display an offer based on the contents of the cart, or display an offer for all products.

Your customer never has to leave the checkout form, resulting in a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

One-Click Cross-Sell After Checkout

eCommerce Tool

The post-purchase cross-sell uses the power of impulse buying and has the highest conversion rate of any other cross-sell location.

You can add special one-time offers that are processed in one click without adding payment details again.

When using cross-sells after checkout, a customer isn’t adding the item to their cart, they’re instantly adding it to their purchase – this means that the conversions tracked, are 100% sales.

Key benefits:

Make an exclusive and special one-time offer to your customers when the chances of them buying it are the most favorable.

The offer is added to the customer’s existing order in one click without the need to enter card details again, or revisit the store page.

Meaningful Stats

Track conversion rates of checkout based cross-sells and see what’s working for you. Then double down on those offers.

Modern Design

These tools for e-commerce are specifically created to blend with your website.

Highly Customizable

Customize elements of the cross-sells to ensure they stand out and match the design of your website.

Any Payment Gateway

The one-click cross-sell after placing an order works with any payment gateway.